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Whether you are staying with us for a long weekend or on our longer courses, the programme will be tailor made to suit your needs and requirements. We make sure that the things you learn and do are those you want to develop and experience.

We only have experienced teachers for your English lessons and knowledgeable mature guides who look after your wishes on the excursions.

All our staff live in the area permanently and have experience and knowledge of the places you will visit.

We are a close family run business with the aim of offering the highest quality service to our clients.

There are no extras, such as entry fees to pay.

Living and staying with us means that your English is always improving every moment you are here.

As all the staff at Woodgate are trained teachers, we can help and improve your English 24 hours a day, over meals, on excursions, walking in Woodgate grounds, or just over a relaxing drink and conversation in the evening.

All the time you are learning in what we call ‘directed conversation’. A specific mode of correction and improvement used to enhance your vocabulary and grammar outside of the class based lessons.