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Dr John Brown

Has been teaching English for over 25 years. He holds a Masters Degree in TEFL, a PGCE in English Teaching and a Doctorate in language teaching. He is a teacher & teacher trainer, Moderator and examiner for Trinity College London and a lecturer of English courses for the Open University. He has worked in over 30 countries as an English language consultant.

Carolyn Markson-Brown

Has been teaching English for over 20 years She holds a B.Ed and a Post Dip Ed. She has taught English in Tanzania, Japan and the UK. She is also a homeopath and a keen gardener.


Andrew Markson-Brown

Andrew is a fully trained English Teacher. He holds a PGCE in English and a Trinity College English teaching certificate. He also works in a private school teaching English.


Yuri Nakata Markson- Brown

Yuri is a trained teacher of Japanese and has two small children. She lives on the farm with Andrew and is an excellent cook both with Japanese and English food. She makes wonderful cakes and deserts.


Babsi Frikstad

Babsi is trained to teach English as a foreign language and Art and Design Technology. She is also a practising artist of glass ware and illustrator of children's books.